Core Values

At Lindner, we know that professional success can only be maintained if our business is always one step ahead on its way forward. Not only does our technical knowledge provide us with a crucial advantage in competition, it's also our corporate culture.

Every day we are faced with the challenges of an environment which is becoming more and more complex. At the same time the strategy of the Lindner Group has become increasingly International. Our values are therefore a code of conduct about how we behave towards and collaborate with our colleagues, both domestically and internationally. 

Our values provide a sustainable positive environment and ensure the success of our business. They define a clear way forward to create prosperous collaboration and to achieve our goals effectively.

Our Values

I am honest.

"Honesty and sincerity form the basis of my attitude and my communication. This also applies in conflict situations, even if it means a disadvantage to me at first glance. I always act morally correct."

I am open.

"I inform comprehensively and not just about what serves my own purpose. I always keep my colleagues up to date; important information I pass on immediately. Instead of making assumptions I ask my colleagues direct. I am open for innovation and willingly share my knowledge."

I say what I expect.

"I communicate my expectations clearly. I ensure that my colleague understands exactly what I mean, require or expect. I will bring it to my colleague's attention in a reasonable manner if I didn't get what I expected."

I am disciplined.

"I am a reliable partner. I follow the implemented regulations and behave professionally. I state an example; I keep my promises and honour them. I represent the Lindner Group and follow our corporate identity."

I support our common goals.

"I contribute to the continuous growth and success of our group. I demonstrate loyalty and motivation. I am mindful of my personal interest as well as the needs of my colleagues. I am happy to take on duties outside of my department, division or in other parts of the Lindner Group."

I respect my colleagues.

I respect all people - their language, origin and their culture. This enriching diversity is bringing new perspectives into my life and my work and it supports innovation. I try to understand my colleagues' position and appreciate their effort."

I trust my colleague.

"I believe in the competence of my colleagues and therefore I accept and support their decisions. I approach my colleagues and provide them with the trust they need in order to be successful."

I share success with my colleagues.

"I recognise the value and the importance of teamwork in order to achieve our goals and to be successful. I support my colleagues and provide them with assistance in implementing their ideas, because I also benefit from their success. I enjoy working in a successful environment."