Achilles – Building Confidence

Achilles is a world-leading provider of supplier information, offering support, assistance and professional procurement services to both buyers and suppliers.

The Achilles BuildingConfidence Supplier Information Management Service is a supplier accreditation service for the UK construction industry.  It enables the construction sector to use Achilles’ proven supplier pre-qualification system to manage risk within the supply chain and comply with EU regulations. Achilles BuildingConfidence is managed by a Steering Group comprising of construction buyers to drive industry best practice.

Lindner Facades has, on an annual basis since 2009, been awarded the Achilles BuildingConfidence level 5 (Contractor/Installer) accreditation status, as a contractor that meets the requirements of its vigorous PQQ and Audit process. The Achilles BuildingConfidence Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and Audit includes, amongst other things, checking our financial performance and credibility, legal compliance, business partner relations, occupational safety and health, quality and environmental management systems, corporate social and ethical responsibility (CSR), competencies and capabilities.

Achilles BuildingConfidence has become the standard for supplier excellence within the building and construction industry. Major building contractors use the BuildingConfidence service to monitor and evaluate their supply chains, improve performance and assist in building stronger and long lasting relationships with their main suppliers.

Building contractors use the Achilles BuildingConfidence Scheme to:

  • Improve supply chain performance;
  • Get to know their key contractors and suppliers better;
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility in the supply chain;
  • Conform with CDM Regulations and other compliance issues;
  • Minimise risk and improve performance in the supply chain;
  • Build sustainable key supplier relationships;
  • Drive down the costs of pre-qualification and accreditation;
  • Identify the very best contractors;
  • Make better and informed decisions.

Lindner Facades will endeavour to maintain the same level of compliance it has attained throughout the last five years, improving its audit performance year upon year. Excellence in everything we do is what Lindner Facades is all about.