Social Commitments

Social involvement is of paramount importance within the Lindner Group as demonstrated by its involvement in the following charitable foundations:

Hans Lindner Foundation

The Hans Lindner Foundation is an organisation designed to help those in need, regardless of age or social background. 

  • The Parkwohnstift house a Multi-Generation Home built in Arnstorf and is home to over 250 senior citizens.  It is in fact the first retirement home in Germany to be awarded four stars.  The house has an integrated hospital with on-call specialists.  The foundation also houses a kindergarten, pre-school and a maternity ward. A vocational school for geriatric care and a public café are also located on the grounds.
  • The Arnstorfer Tafel provides donations to more than 900 local persons in need.
  • The Lindner Foundation Uganda supports orphaned, impoverished and neglected children in Uganda. We fund new possibilities for education and provide for improved accommodation and nutrition.
  • The Fundatia Hans Lindner in Romania concentrates on supporting young people with the project “Fit for Life,” which helps young people invest in their future.