Project management

Effective planning from start to finish

At Lindner Facades we know the key to a successful project is meticulous planning, communication and, above all else, experienced specialist facade project management. All of our project managers are experienced in bespoke unitised facades, and our management structure ensures that each project team has hands-on support and guidance operationally at director level.

For us, a successful project starts even before it is awarded. Right from the beginning, our operations staff is involved actively in all tenders to ensure our client proposals are based on well-thought-out programmes, and that our logistics and installation methodologies are tailored to the particular project challenges and constraints. By doing this, if we are successful then both our clients and our team have the confidence that our schemes are based on sound planning and workable methodologies. 

Dedicated project teams

Unlike many of our competitors, all of our projects have dedicated full-time project teams.  These teams are based in our UK office in Putney, London during the off-site, lead-in activities but when the project approaches the site phase, the whole project team bases itself full-time onsite, thereby ensuring direct control over operations on a day-to-day basis and face-to-face client communication.

Our project managers have direct contact with all of our design offices and, of course, our production facility in Arnstorf, Germany, where each project has its own full-time dedicated internal project manager to ensure the day-to-day project priorities are achieved. 

Communication-driven project management

Regular internal face-to-face focus meetings in Germany ensure our UK project managers have full control over all aspects of the project at all times and, again unlike our competitors, can give up-to-the-minute information to our clients across all aspects of their projects.

Our project management structure, systems and procedures ensure our teams follow a collaborative approach with open and honest communication both internally and externally with regular reports on each project strand.