Testing and Mock-Ups

Project-specific approach

Bespoke unitised curtain walling is, by its very nature, unique and project-specific. To achieve each solution, it is necessary to design project-specific aluminium profiles and gaskets that meet both the aesthetics and specific performance criteria required by clients. 

Bringing designs to life in mock-up format

Taking project-specific profiles and gaskets from the drawing board to final production requires a significant lead-in. For this reason we also offer our clients the facility to see their designs come to life earlier in the process by building full size mock-ups made from timber and/or alternative materials prior to the production of the project-specific materials, which can have long lead times. These “Visual Mock-Ups" (or VMUs) can then act as a benchmark for the final design and materials, and are generally built and assembled for viewing at our factory in Arnstorf, offering clients the opportunity to visit our headquarters at the same time. 

Performance testing and much more

As well as VMUs we also produce “Performance Mock-Ups or PMUs”. These mock-ups are produced from the final approved and project-specific materials for the sole purpose of performing CWCT testing to prove the air permeability, water resistance, and structural integrity of the system prior to going to full production. The facade units for these tests are produced in Germany and shipped to the UK for testing at an accredited test centre.

Our in-house R&D Department also carries out certified project-specific testing of system parts, such as impact testing of glass, cyclic testing of vents and many other types of tests which are often required when designing bespoke systems that must comply with the various standards and regulations. We can also provide acoustic testing in our own independently accredited laboratory within our Arnstorf factory.